Dentals- in your pet

Your pet’s dental is similar to our own however a general anaesthetic is required to fully examine and treat the teeth in our furry friends.

Teeth are similar to icebergs, with long roots below the gum line. Without dental x-rays we cannot see how healthy the root is. Cats especially are prone to resorptive tooth disease where the enamel of the teeth dissolves and x-rays are the only thing that can tell us which technique is appropriate to remove the tooth.

tartar on the teeth with gingivitis (redness on the gumline)
evidence of root disease

Each patient has:

-general anaesthetic monitored by a registered veterinary nurse

-dental chart completed listing missing or fractured teeth, tartar and gingivitis, any pockets in the gum

-dental x-rays to assess roots and bone loss

-removal of diseased teeth with pain relief and local anaesthetic nerve blocks to reduce discomfort

-scale and polish to remove any soft plaque or hard tartar


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