Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Small animal veterinary department

Parc Vetcare aims to provide high quality veterinary health care. For this reason, our fees and trading conditions (detailed below) are structured to allow the Practice to provide this service. We invest in modern facilities for the benefit of all our clients. The service we offer is constantly reviewed and improved.

A copy of this notice is available for you to take away if requested.

  1. Clients are requested to settle their account after each consultation; should your pet need a course of treatment, payment will be required after each consultation. All operations and hospitalisation fees must be paid in full at the time your pet is collected. Estimates will be provided if requested. If your pet is insured, we would ask that payment be made to us in full before claiming from your insurance company. If you would like to make a direct claim (insurance company pays the practice directly) this will be considered. Please speak to us about this before assuming it is possible as it depends on several factors and there is an additional administration charge for direct claims. Payments can be made by cash or debit/credit card.
  2.  Please note that if a pet is registered with our practice we will assume that any person other than the registered pet owner who may bring the pet in for treatment is duly authorised by the registered pet owner to seek treatment for the pet and to incur costs for which the registered pet owner will be liable. Where a pet is not registered with our practice we will assume that the individual requesting treatment accepts liability for all costs incurred.
  3. Parc Vetcare reserves the right to pass unpaid accounts to debt collectors/solicitors for recovery/legal action to whom we may assign the debt, and all rights, without restriction.
  4. In the event payment is not received as per Clause 1, a fee of £25 will be added to the amount owing. In the event that the account remains unpaid you will be informed by letter to settle before the account is sent to the Debt Recovery Agency.
  5. In the event of late payment we will require you to pay our expenses and legal costs incurred in taking steps to obtain payment on an indemnity basis. This will include costs for returned cheques, correspondence and legal notices, finding you if you have changed your address without notice, as well as third party costs incurred in the collection of unpaid accounts.
  6. If the account is not settled, Parc Vetcare reserves the right to ask you to find another Veterinary Surgeon to treat your pet(s). You will be informed of this by letter and given notice to do so.
  7. Prescriptions are available from this practice. Please be aware that clients of Parc Vetcare may purchase prescription only medicines from Parc Vetcare, or with a prescription at any pharmacist who stocks the appropriate veterinary licensed medication. We are willing to provide you with a prescription in order that you may purchase your pet’s V-POM from a pharmacist. We will only provide signed prescriptions generated by our computer system, under current UK law this must then be presented to a registered pharmacist. There will be a charge made for providing this prescription by us. The registered pharmacist may not have the specified veterinary licensed medications to hand and may have to order them for you.

Substitution of non-licensed medications or human licensed medications for veterinary licensed ones is illegal, as is the import of any medications from abroad which do not bear a UK license. We do not accept any responsibility for any medicines not dispensed from our pharmacy.

If your pet requires regular medication for a long-standing condition, current law, The Royal Veterinary College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) and good practice requires us to examine him, or her at regular (usually no more than three monthly) intervals. A charge will be made for this consultation.

At a veterinary surgeon’s discretion, where no equivalent licensed medicine exists, it may be deemed appropriate to prescribe a medicine that is not specifically licensed for use in a particular species.  In such cases, the potential side effects and precautions will be explained to the Client.

  1. Please note that we cannot accept the return of any prescription drugs as such items cannot be resold. If you wish us to safely dispose of any unwanted medication we can do so.
  2. By being a client of Parc Vetcare, you agree to adhere to these terms and conditions.
  3. We have provisions in place to provide emergency care for outside normal surgery hours. In circumstances where this is provided by a third party operating from our premises, any fees incurred during the out of hours times will be payable directly to that third party. Further details concerning the precise arrangements for emergency service are available in the practice.